Henry / Carver Cascade water heater replacement

01 Feb

Carver Cascade Mk2/ Henry Water Heater ReplacementCCG 2138 Carver Cascade 2 / Henry Water Heater

Th Cascade was a gas and electric 9 litre water heater that mounted through the side of a caravan at floor level (usually inside a bunk and and supported by a small wooden block underneath). It was used in UK made caravans and motorhomes vans from about 1984 until production ceased in 2000 when Carver were bought out by Truma, who replaced it with their own (very different) heater. There were two versions of the MK2. The first one (1984 – 1997) came with a 660 watt electric element. Version 2, known as the Rapide, came with an 830 watt element and a slightly uprated burner. It also had a vent screw in the top left hand corner of the flue housing to aid draining down. There were a few other detailed design changes between the two.

When operating on gas under certain wind conditions (10 metres per second horizontal) the Cascade design could produce excessive carbon monoxide and even catch fire. These dangers were potentially eliminated by fitting the cowl from the near carbon copy ‘Henry’ water heater that was being imported from China to replace the Mk2 however is now out of circulation.

For those with Caravan or motorhomes with a Carver Cascade or Henry Water heater still fitted but are experiencing problems then Propex offer the Malaga Water heater. This 13-litre water storage heater works from both gas and electric and can be fitted into the space vacated by a Carver Cascade or Henry Water Heater. Due to the smaller neater flue of the Malaga then an adapter plate is required which fits the hole of the old Henry water heater flue. The water inlet and outlet, as well as gas connections are in similar positions keeping re-routing of pipework to a minimum.

Further details can be found here. malaga-water-heater    



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